sexta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2010

I Fórum Estadual de Performance Negra

No dia 25 de setembro acontece o I FORUM ESTADUAL PERFORMANCE NEGRA
Onde:  Espaço Xisto Bahia- Barris
Horário: 8:00 as 17:00 Horas
Inscrições gratuitas

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Anônimo disse...

Hey, just passing by from Italy.
Single mother, enjoys most things, and enjoys talking (sometimes a little to much).

Just wanted to make a hey there thread as most of you have done, so here it is :O)

Well now I have you, I'm not quite sure that this is the apropiate forum for this, but please move my thread if thats the case.

But here it goes, I have been working on a new arcade gaming website, but due to that I'm new to all this internet thing, I would like a respons or two, so could you please check it out, play a few games or just look around, and then post you feeling / experience here? :)

It would really help me improving the site, thanx in advance :)